Why This Blog? (previous incarnation)

For historical purposes, here’s the “why” post from when this blog was Changing Horses (see that content here):

My life is crazy in general (see posts on craziness here, and here). We have nine children. I have an amazing, but crazy busy job with huge responsibilities. And the craziness hit a new level this year with my starting into the EMBA program at Bradley.

So when discussing all of this craziness with my wife one day I said, “I think I should start a blog about my experience as an EMBA student with nine children and a busy job.” Because, you know, one more thing once you’re already a few fries short of a happy meal couldn’t make much difference, right?

I previously shared why I’m going back to school.  So now that I have started the program at Bradley, I thought I’d share with you the reasons I’m writing.

Nobody, my wife and me included, thinks I’m sane for pursuing this. Not that I’ve talked to at least. But very few people think it’s a stupid decision.  As the name of the blog indicates, it’s a major, difficult, potentially-getting-wet deal.

Is it possible I could crash and burn over the fifteen months of heavily intensified everyday insanity? Yup. No doubt. But we have a plan. And the plan involves “venting” a little bit while it’s going on and letting the whole world (there’s a coming post about being an extrovert someplace) in on the fun. Because it’s just that much fun that you should get to share it. And if I crash and burn, you’ll be able to see it in full, 4.5megapixel color.

Once I graduate, I have some different goals for the blog (and for the use of the posts that are already here) but right now it’s just this:  I’m living a story.  My story involves taking my raw, undeveloped skills to the next level so that I can be a better leader and manager here at Samaritan Ministries.  And as I live this particular story, I want to catalogue it in a manner that hopefully will be interesting to you, the readers.

So if you stop by my little corner of the web to watch me as I try to change horses in the middle of a river, here’s what to expect:

  • I post most weeks four times.  Stop by at about 10am Central time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and you’re nearly certain to see a new post, holidays sometimes excepted.
  • I try to keep posts somewhat short, but length is content related not based on column inches.
  • Monday and Thursday I post about life and school.  Something personal in every post.  I’m trying to get as much out there as I can about the schooling experience and how it’s affecting my life and family.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are generally shorter posts linking to something of interest:  an iPhone app, an article I read, a product I use.  Sometimes it could be a picture or a YouTube video…I try to keep you readers guessing.
  • I’m giving a pretty transparent look into the struggles of being a dad, a husband, a student, and a senior executive at the same time.  Tears and laughter are poured into the posts.  I don’t bare my entire life and soul here, but I am trying not to sugar-coat the experience.  When I’m excited about something I’ll say so.  If I’m struggling you’ll know.

I like it when readers comment.  When I posted this page I had less than a dozen confirmed readers, but if you’re reading or sharing I’d love to know.  You can RT my posts on twitter (@jameslansberry) or share them on Facebook, but leaving a comment here on the blog gets read and I try to respond to all of them.

If you’d like me to post about something in particular or have a question, leave a comment with that on any post.  I moderate comments (hate spambots!) but anyone who leaves a non-anonymous serious comment will get posted.  I’ll post a more detailed comments policy later but so far I don’t have enough readers to have problem commenters.

Thanks for stopping by…I find the writing in itself worthwhile, but being an off-the-charts extrovert, I prefer to be a part of a crowd.  So if my writing annoys you and you have a helpful comment, I’d love to hear it.  I want to be interesting and popular.  Or at least one of those.  You can’t comment on this page (it’s a page, not a post, that’s why:  isn’t that the normal thing?) but everything else is fair game!