First Month Goals: #optimism update

So I told you about my extremely ambitious goals for the year.  I had set intermediate goals for the month of January, and hit most of them.  Sadly, the ones I missed are the big ones and we’ll have to do some catching up.

  • I wanted to get in 120,000 steps.  I made more than 146,000
  • Goal was 10 trips to the gym:  hit exactly, including one in a hotel room in DC
  • I wanted to get under 230 pounds.  Made it!  (goal for end of February is under 224)
  • Make 100 foul shots with each hand:  only made 85.  😦
  • Chin-ups exercise, machine, at 90 pounds.  Check.
  • Select and Italian program:  started Duolingo and have a 14 day streak already and have hit “9% fluent” so I’m pretty pumped about that one.  Only about 2 months until my big trip to Italy.
  • Write and publish 2 blog posts:  barely, but yes.
  • Run 0.2 miles consecutively in a walk/run mix:  made 0.25.
  • Finish one book.  NOPE.  😦
  • Books packed and plumbing done at the old house:  NO.  Double 😦
  • FW worship ramping up:  Big improvement but didn’t quite make the number I had set for the month.

So for February I have some improvement to make, and will look at adjusting the goals based on this month if necessary.  I’m pretty pumped with quite a few of these and their progress, but this month still needs some serious work.

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