2017: An Exercise in #Optimism

So no one reads my blog so you haven’t noticed this:  I haven’t posted in a while.  I keep thinking “I should write more” and then I don’t write.

I’ve done a bit of a reboot this year after we had a productive family strategy meeting on based January 2nd.  And it’s been going much better, but not as well as I’d like.  I did, though, set some specific goals around writing this year.  Sixty blog posts, in fact, including at least two in January.

And this is my first.

Here’s the rest of my goals so I can feel more pressure of accountability:

  • Run a 5k (repeat of a failed goal last year)
  • Be below 210 pounds or 35″ waist by the end of the year (I weighed in at a nearly obese 241# on January 1st)
  • Walk 2,000,000 steps (that’s 2 million)
  • Do 2 full body-weight chin-ups (I haven’t done one since the 80s)
  • Make 2,500 foul shots with each hand (5,000 total)
  • Finish renovating our old house so it can be rented or sold
  • Renovate 1 bathroom in our current house
  • learn basic Italian (before April 11)
  • Write 60 blog posts
  • Record 6 public speaking videos
  • Record 6 videos on other topics
  • Unplug on my next vacation for 12 consecutive days (no work email, etc.)
  • By end of March work 2 evenings or less (get the work done at the office!)
  • Visit Six Flags with the older kids at least 7 times (we have season passes!)
  • Read through the entire Bible
  • Improved consistency at Family Worship (by EOY averaging at least 5x/week)
  • Read 10 books (including no more than 4 I’ve already started reading)
  • Have 3 social events in our home with multiple families
  • Have 8 families over for dinner
  • Visit two previously unvisited MLB parks for a game

Based on recent years some of those easier looking ones are a big stretch.  I lose consistency at reading quickly (easily distracted with other things).  We’ve had health issues with the planners and cooks that make having social events harder from time to time.

I’ve already made some good progress and set intermediary goals for each month so that I can know whether I’m on track.  I may fail, but this year I’m failing forward.  Check back for results and more interesting posts than this one.

I’m Batman!

4 thoughts on “2017: An Exercise in #Optimism

  1. The book 4 Disciplines of Execution talks about focusing on less to get more done…also focusing on Wildly Important Goals.

    I have been trying to break things down a little further…so maybe your WIG’s are making sure family worship is more consistent and finishing the old house (to get that burden off of your soul and life).
    Then have a few more little accomplishments to have marked down in your calendar, such as exercise a certain number of times a week (that could incorporate some of the other goals) and blogging every other week.

    If you have those things done and/or as habit in the next two months, then maybe add some of the other bigger goals back.

    Or…you can just throw my advice out the window 😁

    • Hi! I don’t think you’ve commented here before…I do I know you?

      I’ll look at that book (I think I’ve seen it before but not read it): I’m interested.

      I did pretty well with the January portion (mini-goals) of the list, and am on track with most of them, and only a little behind on a few. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. *post read*

    That’s a great, big, sort of audacious list.

    An interesting follow-up post might be some of the motivations behind some of the more random-sounding ones. Learning Italian would be hard(er) to get up for just for its own sake. And left-handed free throws are a privilege you’ll just have to earn. 🙂

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