Spring and Life

Spring is here. This past Sunday I sat out on my back patio and, despite the wind, enjoyed the sun and the view and did some reading and writing. It was wonderful.  Sure it was breezy enough that some of my tools were moving around on the back table, but it’s nice to have one of these Spring days where sitting outside is comfortable and enjoyable.The trees (as you can see in the picture below) are still pretty bare.  Soon, though, there will be buds and then leaves and the ravine behind the house will explode with color…mostly green of course. After dying in the fall and lying dormant all winter the first will be full of life.**

The seasons we have cycle through, year after year, reminding us of life and death. And Spring is that bursting forth of life from the dead, much like the resurrection we look forward to someday. 

Now I say this as someone who really doesn’t get excited about being outside.  If I were to list the 10 greatest, and most valuable to me personally, inventions of man air conditioning would make the top 3 for sure.  I don’t like being cold, and I don’t like humidity.  And I’m pretty much against bugs, dirt and other wildlife (except when it comes to eating fish and meat of course).  But for some reason our current home’s patio, looking out over our ravine, is a pleasant place for me to be.  Sitting out there in an early morning sipping coffee or tea is a wonderful experience.

And it’s because of life.  The nature around me changes, shows God’s plan for the seasons for life and death, and the days that are most pleasant (Spring and Fall) are when the view is most beautiful.  God makes life beautiful, and you and I get to enjoy it.

So get outside, even if it’s not your preference, and enjoy the sun, the rain, the trees and the flowers.  Enjoy the life bursting forth out of the dead of winter just as those who are in Christ will do on the last day.


** I’ll note that this post is a rare example of real optimism, showing that my blog title isn’t always ironic, and that God can create optimism even in the most pessimistic of men.  And if a Cubs opening day win of 9-0 with a great lineup isn’t a sign of a time to be filled with optimism, I don’t know what is.  

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