1 Degree to the King

Weird thing happened the other night. I’m going to leave the names off here, because I don’t want “name dropping” to be a feature of this blog, but God has put me in an occasionally funny position.

Over my life I’ve had the blessing of getting to know some people who some would say, at least in the Reformed Presbyterian world, are famous. I’ve also met a few other “celebrities” in my travels from time to time and some of those people might even remember me. But I don’t consider myself one of those folks who’s “connected” with the movers and shakers.

But this weird thing: I got a Facebook message from a close friend. This is a guy I used to go to church with and who I keep up with via FB and email and occasional visits even though we don’t live near each other anymore. He has a friend who, if I mentioned his name, most of the readers would recognize. And his friend would like to get introduced to another guy who I”m sure most of the readers would recognize. Keep in mind I don’t know either of these two men who need to be introduced and both of them are somewhat famous.

But apparently I know someone connected to both. I have another friend who is close to the second famous person. Which is weird. Most people know the “six degrees to Kevin Bacon” thing where you’re never more than six degrees of separation from anyone in the world. In this case there’s two famous people I’ve never met and I’m the middle part of their four degrees of separation. And that felt weird to get asked to make that kind of an introduction.

But should it be weird? All of the people, my friend, me, the other friend, the two famous dudes included, are Christians. We all are siblings in the household of God. And while it might be cool to figure out you’re two degrees of separation from the President or the Queen of England or the CEO of some Fortune 50 company, if you are a believer you have something (literally) infinitely more important than that:

You’re one degree of separation from the King of Kings. In fact, He’s your “connection” to the Father and Creator (bear with my apparent non-trinitarianism for a moment) and He’s promised to always take your calls. Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords (an especially important thing to remember during the election cycle) and every prayer you pray goes through Him.

So while it was pretty cool to realize I was 2 degrees of separation from a couple of famous people, it was cooler still that it reminded me of that closer relationship with the King.

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