So I got some junk mail the other day from a mailing list I’m on. I’m on the list on purpose and most of the people on this mailing list are doctors, and it was addressed to “Dr. James Lansberry.” My boss grabbed the mail that day and joked with me about maybe getting the wrong degree at Bradley.

Except for the extra stress, I liked graduate school. Granted the EMBA program is unlike most scholastic endeavors and has with it value that goes far beyond the typical classroom experience, but I liked learning and going to school.  At one point, when I was avoiding the work (probably during Marketing class) I spent a little time looking at EDBA programs:  similarly organized doctorates in Business Administration.

I’m not going to lie.  I am tempted.  There’s a big difference:  the MBA was a good investment, whether looking at it from my employer’s perspective or my own.  The DBA would be more expensive, longer, and the only “gain” from it, professionally speaking, is that it would qualify me to teach at college, which would likely be a major cut in pay.  Sure it’d be rewarding in many ways.  And I’d love to teach.  But spending $100,000 and three years of crazy on that opportunity seems like a losing proposition.

And yet I haven’t completely given up on the idea.

Most of the programs I found have classes on Sunday, so those are off limits.  There were still quite a few that didn’t though, and had classes on Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Saturday once/month.

It’s a fun mental exercise but it’s unlikely.  I don’t know that I could survive this again, let alone a bigger challenge of a doctoral program that would involve travel (none of the potentials are here at Bradley).

But it’s still fun to think about it.

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