Remembering A Quiet Morning

I wrote this the Sunday morning we were in Mexico:

I woke up today from some strange dreams and noises were bothering me in the room (ceiling fan clacking and some kind of electric hum that I couldn’t find). If I had had the presence of mind to put in and turn on my noise cancelling headphones I probably would have just gotten back to sleep. But instead I fiddled around, broke a glass, cleaned up the glass, and ended up thinking it was later and got up. (I never changed the time on my iPad and so I thought it was an hour later). By then I was awake and so I went out on the patio to write and think.

It’s quiet out here, but not silient. The waterfalls just outside the room are playing a beautiful tune and there’s a dim light up behind me because the sun won’t be up for a bit. It’s not yet 6:00 and while I think there’s more sleep to be had, I don’t think I’ll get any.

It’s almost the perfect temerpature out here. It’ll be almost 90 later (too hot for my liking but welcome in November). We’ll have A/C in the car for the long drive to church and back, and there is plenty of shade to be had while we spend a restful Sunday here.

I love the sound of water. I couldn’t hear it in the room tonight for some reason, but it’s nice and relaxing out here. I don’t know if I mentioned it in a previous post, but my phone has been out of commission most of the trip. I couldn’t get my data to work at first when we arrived and then I fell into a pool and I haven’t had the phone for two days. I think I’ll look back on this and be thankful for an extra level of “unplugging” but it still feels weird not to have it available.

I’m rambling…I can see that. But I’m on vacation so I don’t have to string thoughts together coherently do I? We chose Mexico, and Todos Santos in particular becuase there was nothing we wanted to see or do here, and there were plenty of really good restaurants to choose from when eating out. Today we’ll warm up quite a few leftovers from the previous couple of days and relax at the resort/hotel/inn for the afternoon and evening. For some of the nights at least we’ve been the only guests at this small property (<10 rooms).

I needed this vacation, and I needed it this way. Nothing pressing, no rushing around like we did in San Francisco in May, just the two of us and quiet walks and naps and beauty and great food. When we get home on Wednesday there will still be a 4 day weekend before I head back to the office and we’ll get good festive time with the children for Thanksgiving and the weekend.

I’ll have to figure out a way to deal with the bugs out back but I think during Spring I’ll want to find some mornings like this to sit outside in the dim light and write and read. No one to push or prod and just quiet time in nature but close to comfort. I’m thankful for quiet mornings like this one, and hope to see more coming every now and then in the future.


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