Yeah….I’m Still Here

It’s December and I haven’t posted anything new all month.  As I mentioned a while back I have to find blocks of time for writing and I just haven’t made those blocks work lately.  This is the first post I’ve written since I got back from vacation.

I really do like writing.  I’m not quite sure, other than my lack of personal “oomph” applied to redoing my 168 hours, why I have not set aside adequate time for writing.

It may be that I have so many things that are yet undone that need to be done in my life.  Is this the new normal, I wonder?  Will the rest of my life have an every growing “not done” list?  Or am I just not figuring out how to order my life as I should?

A year ago yesterday we moved to our new house.  Our old house is still not ready to rent.  I have lists of excuses and reasons lined up in my head but all of them feel inadequate when I cross-examine myself.  Have I ever mentioned that, as a general rule, I am my own worst critic?

Anyway, I’m trying to get a bit more writing in and will hopefully get back on schedule as we approach Christmas.  It’s been a full year now since I got done with school, and I’m really wanting to find a place for writing, reading, and speaking in my time boxes.  Don’t give up on checking the blog here just yet!  #optimism

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