Rest. Recreation. Relaxation. Peace.

I wrote this a week and a half ago at the start of my vacation:

This won’t post until after I’m back but as of right now I’ve been on vacation for a whole 15 hours.  I don’t sleep well when I have morning flights and I woke up with an allergic sneezing fit about 3:30am and at this point I’m not going to try to get back to sleep. And I realized that gives me something I’d been hoping for…time to do some writing for the blog.

I’m already feeling more relaxed than I have in over a month. It’s funny, but while I love the fast paced, always busy, crazy, crazy life (as you read this I’m in the office for the first time in almost 2 weeks) I neglect the need for rest.

Not just sleep…rest. I can push through the lack of sleep for quite some time but finding a way to unplug from the normal strains of life and pursue peace of mind is something that I just don’t think about doing until I’m nearing frustrated exhaustion.

This morning (a week before Thanksgiving) I’ve slept for only a few hours after getting just 5 the night before and I’m feeling rested. Relaxed. And vacation is just beginning. I had a lovely evening out with the wife of my youth last night and we’re about to travel to Mexico for six days and six nights of beautiful sun and nothing. We chose Baja because there’s nothing we want to see there. Just us, spending time away from the hurried life. Resting, recreating, relaxing.

And that’s enough to make me feel very peaceful today. And as this posts I’m sure I’ll be ready to jump back in with vigor to do what God has called me to do.

Don’t neglect the need to rest, readers. God gives sabbaths for a reason…and they are a gift to you. Enjoy them.

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