Heaven Belongs to Me 

3“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Source: Matthew 5 ESV

The word “blessed” here is also able to be translated, “happy.”  Being “poor in spirit” is not the opposite of happy, then, but something that leads to happiness.

You and I are supposed to be poor in spirit.

There’s nothing in you or me that makes us worthwhile in ourselves.  There’s no richness in your spirit apart from Christ, and recognizing that you are poor in spirit is a path to true happiness.  Realizing that you are spiritually poor means that you know Jesus has brought you to Himself and He says here that the kingdom of heaven belongs to you.

I realize all to infrequently that I’m poor in spirit, and because of that I avoid happiness.  I break my optimism and view reality through the wrong glasses.  I think I’m something and so prove that I’m not.  Does that happen to you too?  Do you ascribe to yourself spiritual riches that begin in yourself rather than in Christ?

It’s a simple thing to have it be otherwise:  repent.  Repent and believe what Jesus says about you.  Repent and believe the Gospel:  that you are poor in Spirit, that Jesus saves you by His death and payment for your sins, and that heaven belongs to you both now and forever.

Be happy.  Be poor in spirit.

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