Weight For It….

So way back before I started school (summer 2013), I lost 25-30 pounds. I was down to 210, and couldn’t break through that mark.

School has been done for almost a year now. By the time I left for India I had put back on the entire 25 pounds, and when I got back I was up another 10. Since January I’ve bounced back and forth from 240-249 pounts.

It is enough to make me sick to think about it.

I read somewhere that when you’re behind on sleep you can tried calories for sleep and keep on top of things. Maybe that’s what I did. And I’m paying the price for it. And now that I’m back in the saddle I’ve been doing a little better on the eating and finally a week or two ago dropped back below 240#.  Hopefully to stay.

I’d still like to get to around 200. I may yet make it. But either way, I’m glad to finally be making some progress and I want to be healthy for my family for some time to come.  Having 9 children means being around for when their children are all born will take longer.  I want to be able to enjoy my grandchildren coming along, Lord willing, and be as healthy as I can to play with them.

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