I Need a Vacation

October was a long month for me.  I’m not entirely sure what made it feel so long, but I remember attending a church meeting on the 31st and being extremely thankful that the next day was a new month.  I haven’t been this tired out since maybe 2009 when I was in my third straight year of very regular and exhausting travel.

I had a vacation recently.  My wife and I took a week and went to Napa and San Francisco in May.  It was a great time, though it was also a very full trip.  And it was six months ago.  Since then I haven’t really taken more than a day off at a time unless I was sick, and I don’t generally get sick.  I’m only recently done recovering from the year and a half of school.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job.  And most of the time I think I’m pretty good at it.  And 90% of what I do is emotionally rewarding even when it’s tiring.

But everyone needs to unplug from time to time.  Even when I’m not bringing work home, I’m still thinking through issues I have there and the smartphone will always give me access to the email and work that’s waiting.  And so it gets tiring and I get drug out and get stretched thin.  And everyone needs time away now and then.

This Wednesday at 1pm I’m leaving the office and not going back until after Thanksgiving weekend.  I’m turning off the email to my mobile devices and leaving my work laptop in my office and I’m going to unplug and relax.  There will be good meals, walks with my wife, sleeping in, and no work at all.  Maybe I’ll even get a massage or go swimming.

I’ll be back in the office on November 30th, refreshed and ready to go.  Until then, don’t call me unless it’s an emergency, and don’t be surprised if a comment stays in moderation.  There will be blog posts scheduled to go live here and there, and I’ll tell you about how I spent the time away when I get back.

Hasta la vista, baby.

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