Like Chuck

So a while back, yes while I was still in school, I discovered that Chuck is available on Netflix.*

I’d seen an episode sometime while traveling and was very interested in the synopsis/theme.  I expected I’d like it.  And I have not seen anything with Adam Baldwin that I didn’t like.

But I didn’t expect it to draw me in so quickly.  And I was a season or more in before I realized what it was that got me hooked.

It was Chuck.

Chuck reminded me of myself.  Here he was, a college dropout, classic underachiever.  And that struck a nerve with me.

I gave up on studying in high school at the end and didn’t finish well.

I dropped out of college.  Not once, or even twice but three times.  When I went to college the first time I had abysmal grades compared to what I could have done.  Especially in the two spring semesters.  I had trouble in the spring.  My three fall semesters (first undergrad experience) I had a 3.1GPA.  The two spring semesters averaged about 1.6.  One. Point. Six.  Yeah…curse that spring.

I didn’t go to class.  About halfway through the semester in the spring I’d stop going to class.  Spring semester 1989 was so bad that I didn’t take one of my finals…a 100% on the final wouldn’t have given me a D.  I got an F in Physics 2, perhaps the only F I’ve ever gotten in anything, and there wasn’t anything I could have done about it.  A 1.77 GPA that semester.

I’m kind of surprised sometimes that I was able to be good at school again.  But I knew what I wanted, and the classes were all relevant to my life…right away.  And when I went from high school to college it wasn’t at all.

Back to Chuck.  He got kicked out of college and yet was brilliant.  And the thing of the show is that success found him when he’d given up on doing anything worthy of his intellect.  And sometimes that’s the way it goes:  success finds you when you’re running from it.  And I suppose that’s what happened to me.


* I think I’d skip season 5…and just let it go.  Sorta jumped the shark there.

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