Standing for Life Isn’t Politics….it’s Sacrifice and Service

Last year about this time I took a trip to Memphis to meet with the local Morning Center staff.   We had a celebration/reunion with some of the former patients while I was there, and another Morning Center board member, Walter Hoye, was there with us.  When Walter spoke to the staff, which was incredibly inspiring, he quoted from Leviticus:

And if a soul sin, and hear the voice of swearing, and is a witness, whether he hath seen or known of it; if he do not utter it, then he shall bear his iniquity.

via Leviticus 5 KJV  – Bible Gateway.

Walter got across to us pretty quickly that being pro-life wasn’t a political view, but a view that should lead us to action:

Heaven doesn’t care how things work out politically…heaven cares whether you are committed to being a witness for truth.

And Walter understood that it took sacrifice.  He’s been arrested for standing for life.  And during an arrest he was told this:

“Jesus has a tendency to discourage women from having an abortion.” — Oakland police officer to Walter Hoye while arresting him for sidewalk counseling.

That officer, whether he knew it or not, was making a profound statement of truth.  When the truth is preached to women on the verge of paying someone to murder her child the truth has a way of lighting a fire in the conscience.  And that’s why we need to be there: at the clinics and proclaiming the truth and praying.  And that’s why places like the Morning Center need to be there ready to help women through pregnancies they didn’t plan or desire with first class, Gospel-centered maternity care.  And that’s why people like you and me need to be there ready to rescue the children when mamas want to place them for adoption if the mama chooses not to or cannot parent the child herself.

Being pro-life isn’t a political position.  It’s a choice.  It means shaking off the apathy and fear and standing up for mamas, babies and providing hope.  And it means serving them no matter how hard it is and sacrificing your time, money and sometimes even your freedom to provide that service to a woman created in the image of God and her child.

Will you join me and the Morning Center in the work we’ve been called to do?  If so:  Pray. Give. Stand. Serve.




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