Falling into Beautiful Death

Oh how I love autumn. The humidity starts to drop and the temperatures, at least for a few weeks, hover in the 50s and 60s. The leaves begin to turn colors, the birds haven’t left, and being outside is enjoyable for a time.

I really hate humidity. You really can’t understand how much I hate it. It’s uncomfortable and awful and I avoid it at great costs. (“At Great costs” = I turn on the A/C and turn it down to 62 if necessary to dry out the air in the spring when the humidity arrives).

A couple of Saturdays ago I realized that it was cool enough to sit outside and write. The back patio at my house is up against a ravine filled with mutiple kinds of trees, and I’m as separated from civilization as I want to be while still receiving a wifi signal from my basement.

In addition to the weather moderating itself, I love the beauty of autumn. The green trees begin to turn red, purple, orange, yellow, brown (ok maybe not purple) and the leaves begin falling to the ground. Autumn is a time when many green trees begin to hibernate and the leaves begin to die.

But oh how that death is so beautiful. And that is one thing that makes me in awe of God above so many other things: God loves beauty so much that He has chosen in this fallen world to even make death beautiful. The leaves, before they fall to the ground and die, become more beautiful than they were before.

This is my desire for me and for my family and all those I love. That, by God’s grace, we may be more beautiful as we die than at any time in our lives. That as we die we can give glory to our Father and our God who has loved us so much.

Lord, let my death, whenever it may be, be so beautiful in the sight of your saints that You are glorified in their lips.

4 thoughts on “Falling into Beautiful Death

  1. When we die we all shall return to dust. But there is hope for the future. When Jesus shall return and shall call the living and the dead to be judged, those who shall be allowed to enter the Kingdom of god shall be pleased to may reside in a restored being without any fault to live further without any problems or suffering.

    Before it will be so far we shall be nothing and know nothing.

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