New Blog Title

So as I mentioned last week I’ve been planning to rebrand the blog since before I finished school. As of today the “new” blog has arrived and the changing horses content has been copied to another WordPress site. I will be adding to that site every week or two but this blog will now be about issues far removed from my EMBA program experience.

The new blog title? #Optimism and Irony. Which requires a story.

During the last press for school, probably the last six months, my daughter Elsie* started saying #Optimism (read “hashtag optimism for us older folks) whenever I would get discouraged about the road that still remained.


I’m not what you would typically refer to as an optimist. I’m a realist (pronounced <PESS i mist>). I generally can see and predict the worst possible ending for any situation. As you and I both know, things rarely (almost never) work out as the worst case scenario, and so I tend to spend more time than I ought fretting about what might happen.

For Christmas, Elsie got me a mug with #Optimism on it. I use it at work as reminder. When people ask (and they do) I mention that the #optimism is ironic. Because I’m not an optimist, you know.

Which is funny. My eschatology is very optimistic. I believe Jesus wins in the end and in history. I believe in a great and awesome God who has everything under control. And yet I find myself in despair or discouragement bordering on depression all too often. Something for the Holy Spirit to work on, to be sure.

I don’t think #Optimism and Irony is the permanent name of the blog, but who knows? It may just stick. And speaking of sticking, hopefully you’ll stick around to see how all of this develops into a new blog now that I’m done with school. About which, more later.

*Elsie blogs at Keep Calm and Beethoven On and shares a YouTube Channel with her brother Toby called More Coffee TV.  Check out her creative endeavors!

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