It’s Time

So I woke up the other morning and had decided I wasn’t going to the gym today but I didn’t get back to sleep. A lot on my mind, for sure.

February 5. Over 8 months ago. That’s the last time I posted on this blog.

I had grandiose plans of the rebranding of the blog I’d do when I was done with school with all the new time I’d have. By “grandiose plans” I mean I had an item in my Trello board that said “Come up with post EMBA blogging strategy” with 3 comments and two topics listed on the card. Since January I’ve had two conversations with my wife wherein my only title suggestion was discarded and we briefly talked about what I’d like to accomplish.

And now it’s October. Nothing has happened. None of the “great ideas” have turned into any implementation.

I could make excuses or tell stories about how I’ve squandered time over the past 8 months, but none of it is very interesting. I’ve also learned that dwelling on “should have”s “could have”s and “didn’t”s is terribly unproductive and just makes me depressed. Better to focus on “can do”s “am doing”s and “next up”s. There’s always going to be failings in my life: I’m a fallen person with selfish desires and prone to laziness.

So I don’t have any grandiose plans. Nothing concrete to be sure. If you’re still reading and still subscribed you may be #smh’ing at me and wondering whether it’s worth it. Yet to be seen. What I do have is a decision…I’m starting to write again. The plans, like they always do for this off-the-charts extrovert, will develop over time as I write. I have some broad ideas of where I’ll go and what I want to write about and share with you…and those will become more defined as we go.

So it’s time. Time to start again. Today I go back to posting 3-4 times per week, building discipline on my writing and creativity. It’s time to get to work.

One thought on “It’s Time

  1. I’m understanding “recovery period” right now, though mine was more health-induced, not planned nor enjoyed. (ahhh-choo). So much of my summer was taken up by training for a race and I looked forward to all I’d get done when it was over. Now that it’s over, I realize the toll it took on my immune system (aaahhhh-choo! Cough. Hack.). Grandiose plans on hold for a bit. My word for the day – and a lot of days upcoming is “Pace”. But as I lazed about today, I caught up on blog reading – yours included. Glad to see you’re back.

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