At Home in the City

My news feed this morning included a link to this blog post:

I got questioned why I’d ever visit a restaurant in Campustown at University and Main. I was informed that’s where people get shot.

I’ve heard that if you drive on Knoxville after dark, you get shots fired at you. I’ve been questioned why I’ve driven my kids down Western Avenue.

On Reddit I’ve seen Peorians warn new residents not to travel south of War Memorial Dr.

via Why So Afraid of Peoria? | The Whiskey City.

I’ve heard people talk like this since I moved to Peoria 16 years ago (this month!).  We spent a few years in Marquette Heights but my family lived on the east bluff (on E. McClure) and then later in University East for 9 years.  We were told by friends that we lived in a dangerous neighborhood and that it wasn’t safe there.

As I’ve mentioned before we looked for a house for three years before moving.  And part of the reason for that is that we had a very narrow area in which we looked…we wanted to be in Peoria proper, south of War Memorial and preferably south of Nebraska Ave.  When we finally found a house and it was far north of War Memorial (almost to Dunlap) it was very hard to decide to take it even though it is a perfect house for our stage of life.

We miss the ‘hood’ though.  I personally miss being in the middle of everything, a 2 minute walk from Main St., less than 15 minutes by foot from all kinds of great places.  Walking distance to the First Friday events on Main St.

Are you one of the people who think the middle of Peoria isn’t safe?  Step out of your comfort zone and join us at First Friday this week!  Things start gearing up at 5:00 and go into the evening.  Stop in at the Studios on Sheridan or the Art Garage.  Get a cup of coffee or a slice of great pizza at Broken Tree Coffee.  There’s live music, craftsman and artists to meet, and food and wares for the shopping.  My whole family will be there, starting with a visit to our favorite Chinese restaurant:  Peking there on Main St.

The city is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people.  Join us to enjoy the creativity and the joy of the city.

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