You May Now Call Me “Master”**

Saturday morning I walked at graduation. I now have an MBA. A Master’s Degree.

I’m 2014-12-20 11.46.28kind of amazed in many ways that I made it.

It was a long, hard road, but it was worth it.  Going into the final exam I had a 4.0 GPA, which I’m a bit proud of.  I still haven’t gotten my grade for the exam (expecting it any minute).

My wife and parents and children have all expressed that they’re proud of me.  Having dropped out of college three times at comparatively less crazy times of my life it’s a pretty big deal that I finished.

I’m still kind of adjusting to the whole thing.  I’m done with school, even though I have alarms I haven’t fixed reminding me to study.  I graduated.  We moved (another post on that coming at some point when I catch my breath).  It’s Christmas time.

To tell the truth I’m feeling kind of emotional about all the change that I haven’t really had time to process.  This could be a really emotional time for me but I’m ready to jump into the next phase:  getting better at my jobs (husband and father included) and jumping on all the things that have fallen between the cracks over the past year and a half.

Stay tuned for what goes on as I ride the new horse!  Oh, and my other horse is a jetpack.

** My boss informed me that “Master Ted” was what people used to refer to him as when he was a young man (like less than 12), so my reply was that I’m now, after months of education, caught up to where he was at 12.

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