My Mom Has Been Waiting…

…since 1987.  To see me graduate from college, that is.

If you read my bio you know that I dropped out of college previously not once, but three times.  I am the only one of my siblings to not have a college degree.

But tomorrow I will walk at Bradley’s winter commencement and will in a few weeks receive a diploma for a Master’s Degree.

And my mom and dad will be there to watch me walk.  I’m not normally too caught up in pomp and circumstance (oh wait…was that pun intended?) but for my family to share this moment with me is incredibly rewarding.

You can follow the link above and watch on line if you’re interested (9:00AM central).

I know the blog has been quiet of late, and I hope to get back to things here soon more consistently.  After school finished we moved and now I’m trying to get things put back together at work and at home and then we’ll move forward into the next phase of the blog life.  For now, I’m enjoying a nice weekend with my family, finishing the race.

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