Saturday morning I turned in my capstone project and made my final presentation. As of 8:20AM Saturday, I was done with the program. Assuming I pass the final (which I’m pretty sure I did), I will soon have my degree and will graduate on the 20th.

It’s not going to win any awards, but it’s a decent attempt at a strategic plan.  At one point “passing with distinction” was something I wanted to attain to.  But as I mentioned in posts last week, I majorly ran out of oomph at the end and I’m happy with not even getting an ‘A’ at this point.

I’ve been tired.  Tired enough that I couldn’t think straight or even act for periods of time late last week.  I had periods where I was on the verge of freaking out because of the amount of work left.  All through it my wife was encouraging and supportive.  And that’s despite her being busy trying to get our house ready to move into this weekend and being generally exhausted because of it.

It’s still kind of hitting me that we’re done.  It’s almost hard to believe at times, even.  And I’m still pretty tired and it’ll be Christmas most likely before I’m able to just sleep in on a day.  Especially since my wife is so worn out from all she’s been doing while I’ve been finishing school.

So we’re on to the next phase…moving to our new home.  And then it’ll be graduation, and Christmas, and New Year’s and the annual board meeting in January.

When the journey started, and several points along the way, I wasn’t sure that I’d make it through without giving up.  But here we are, and all that’s left is receiving my last grade and walking across the stage in a cap and gown.

It feels good to finally finish college.


One thought on “DONE!

  1. Way to go James! It’s been enjoyable reading along the way especially as you included life posts as well as academic. I do miss the SMI family so it’s nice to keep up a bit on people with whom I’ve worked. (Almost ended with a preposition…can’t have that!) 🙂

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