Another Night at the Library

Last night I spent the evening working on my capstone. It’s still not done (yes I know it’s due tomorrow) but it’s pretty close. I didn’t pull another all nighter, but I was there pretty late.  I would have preferred to be home earlier, but I wanted to have my work at a certain level before I went to bed to make today all about printing and polishing.

It’s late in the program now (as late as it gets) and I’m running out of steam. I’m easily distracted and I have little drive to finish this.  I have been sorely tempted to cut corners and not care about the quality of the project.  It is not the grade that keeps me motivated though, even though this could break a significant streak in my class performance.  It’s that this project will be seeing actual use for Samaritan Ministries.  And any corners I cut have to come back and be fixed later…and I want it to be ready for the other leaders to read and interact with.

Tomorrow is it.  By 8:20AM I’ll be done with everything.  I won’t know for sure that I passed, but if the work I have can’t get a C (the minimum passing grade) I missed something obvious.  I’m pretty confident it will get at least a B and I can graduate in two weeks.

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