All Night Long…

So I hoped I wouldn’t need to, but I ended up pulling another all-nighter to close out the program.  Last night I worked on my capstone for most of the night on campus, rotating between the library and the student center.

I’ll need some rest today, but I ended the night with the document roughly 90% done. Which is good…I need to print it tomorrow.

This should be my last all-nighter, perhaps forever, right?  Maybe?  I know there are things that come up in life that necessitate last minute work, but hopefully (especially now that I’m entering my late 40s and not getting any younger) not too many things require a full night’s rest to get lost.

I could have done it without the all-nighter, I’m sure.  Even at this late date with the project not yet done.  But I had momentum going last night and my brain was firing on the project, and I was sure that if I went to bed late I wasn’t about to get up early and wasn’t going to have the same push later.

So it’s moving…and it’s almost done. And this time Saturday I’ll only be looking back at school, no longer forward to anything.

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