Feasible, Desirable and Appropriate. Or Not.

So this week I’m finishing up my capstone project.  At least I hope so.

The capstone project is essentially three things:

  1. A market and firm analysis
  2. A strategic plan
  3. An evaluation of the reasons to do/not do the thing in the plan

The evaluation is the part I’ve been spending a lot of time on in the last few days.  The evaluation is in three parts:

  1. Is it feasible?  (Can we accomplish it?)
  2. Is it desirable? (Will the stakeholders [stockholders, managers, etc.] want to do it and think it’s a good idea?)
  3. Is it appropriate?  (Does it fit with our current overarching strategy and is it consistent with our strengths and skills?)

Dr. Weinzimmer gave us a bunch of diagnostic questions to answer in the analysis, and I think this will be a helpful tool going forward for Samaritan…even if the specific recommendation I give isn’t workable for us now or ever.

Let’s apply the questions to my capstone itself:

  • Feasible?  I hope so…otherwise I’m not going to graduate.  I’m going to get it done, though I am concerned that the project was bigger than I needed it to be and that I waited too long on some parts to do the most effective job.  Dr. Weinzimmer will let me know if that’s true when he grade it.
  • Desirable?  Well, yes.  I want to get my degree.  My professor wants me to get it done.  My boss wants me to finish the program and do well.  And doing the capstone may give us a good plan for a need Samaritan has going forward.
  • Appropriate?  Absolutely.  I can’t finish my degree without it, in fact, so it would be inappropriate not to write it.

Ok that was kind of cheesy, but I think you can get small glimpse of the analysis I have to complete.

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