Is It Really the Last Week?

It’s December.  Wow.  It seems like just yesterday I was amazed that it was October.

It still seems weird that I have no lectures left for school.  I can remember my life before school, but it seems like a long time ago.  Like 472 days ago.  Literally.

And now there’s five days left until it’s done.  It’s been a long 16 months…and a lot of work.  And It’s almost done.

I made some good progress this past weekend on my capstone.  It’s not done yet, but it’s going to be ready to turn in on Saturday.  The work that’s done I’m pretty pleased with and this has been an immensely helpful project.  I think there’ll be some revisiting of my assessments as a leadership team that I wish we had time to do before I turn it in, but it’s going to be a good framework for some of our future discussions.

I’m still not where I should be with total progress.  There are still sections I haven’t started yet…and some of the sections I have started are not done.  So it’s going to be a hard last week.  But it’s going to be worth it.  And this time next week I’ll be breathing a sigh of relief as I get up on Monday morning with nothing left to do for school.  Then all that will be left is moving to a new house and prepping for a board meeting.  You know, little things like that.

I can vividly remember talking to people around the office and meeting with the SMI board to discuss whether this was a good idea and would be a helpful journey for me and for Samaritan.  I am convinced that the return on investment for Samaritan is going to be huge, and I’m glad to have new skills and abilities to bring to the table to help us succeed.

I can see the finish line.

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