Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and until it’s time for dinner I’ll be writing.  I’m at my office in the big empty building all by my lonesome so I can make some progress before having dinner with my family and friends and go into the last two big writing days Friday and Saturday with enough that I can have a good, firm draft when I get up on Monday for the final edits.

And I’m thankful.  Life has an extra-large portion of crazy in it right now but there’s so much to be grateful for.  Last year around this time I took a moment to write some thanks…and here’s another one.

  • I again, still, and ever am thankful for my wife.  She has constantly reminded me that I am not allowed to quit even when it seemed like the only real option.  I have been deeply discouraged at so many times and her optimism has rarely wavered.
  • Speaking of #optimism:  I am thankful for all of my children, but this month I am particularly thankful for Elsie.  Elsie has consistently had kind words to say about me and to me during this long year, and is ever saying “hashtag optimism” when I’m getting down on myself or the amount of work I have to do.  She’s worked hard helping with the littler children as we have endured sickness and trial and extra work as we get ready to move.  Elsie, thank you so much for always saying the right thing when I’ve needed it.
  • I’m thankful for my vocation.  I love my job…and that the education I’ve been getting will be valuable to Samaritan (I think the ROI will be amazing) makes every bit of the agony worth it.
  • I’m thankful for friends and parents and siblings who express that they’re proud of the work I’m doing.  I may shrug it off at times, but I really do appreciate it.  Especially you, Bob, Seth and Sandy.
  • I’m thankful for a new home we’re moving into soon.  My older children have been more and more frustrated with the lack of personal space they have, and having older and younger children at the same time is a challenge, especially for them as they start accumulating future assets.  And I am thankful that all of the children will gain some more personal space after the move and some of them have their own rooms for the first time since toddlerhood or ever.
  • I’m thankful most of all for God’s ever enduring merciful, steadfast, lovingkindness.  I read from Psalm 136:1 on Sunday in church, and mentioned that the Hebrew word chesed (pronounced HESS sed with a jewish catch on the ‘h’) has no direct English translation.  It means steadfast love.  Mercy. Lovingkindness. All of that and more…bound up in one word.  And Psalm 136 says over and over again that “His chesed endures FOREVER.”  When my sin overcomes everything in my life, His chesed endures forever.  And above all things I’m thankful for God’s everlasting chesed.


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