I Have No Class

Last Saturday was my last day of lectures for my EMBA. I still have my capstone/final to finish (due 12/6) but it was kind of sad to leave on Saturday after 5pm and realize that I’m not going to have lunch and spend the day with the 12 others in my cohort again anytime soon, if ever.  I’m not going to miss it being four days per month (average) or the homework, but I am going to miss sitting in on the lectures and learning from the professors and the other students.

I have a good mental outline of what I need to finish, and I’m optimistic about turning in a good project for my final.  It seems really unlikely at this point that it’ll be good enough for “pass with distinction” but I’m still holding out hope for an A grade.  Even if not, I have a project that will pass and I’ll be graduating in a few weeks.

It’s been a hard road, but it’s almost over.  At points I wasn’t sure I’d make it…but I have.  My wife wouldn’t let me quit.  She was a big help through this…and I don’t think I would have made it without her.

So tonight and through the week I’ll be writing like the wind.  And by the time I go to bed Saturday night I’m going to have a solid draft ready for editing and forming the presentation next week.

12. More. Days.

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