300. And 15.

So we’ve reached the end of the between-class period and I’m off to my last two full days of class starting today.

Two numbers today:

This is my 300th post on the blog.  When I started the blog I wasn’t sure how much I’d have time to write, and whether I’d have the discipline to continue.  And here we are, 16 months after I started the blog at post number 300.  Not quite 20 posts per month average, but pretty close.  And since my goal of four times per week would make 17 posts, the almost 19 is slightly above original expectations on average.

15 days left until school is done.  I wasn’t sure I was going to survive school, and while there’s still two weeks left wherein I could fall flat, but I’m pretty sure from what I have done on my capstone that I can get it turned in with a passing grade, even if it’s not everything I want it to be.  And I still have 15 days to finish that.  Of the 15 days two are Sundays, so no progress there.  One is Thanksgiving, though I bet I put in 4 hours of schoolwork then anyway, and two days are filled with class (today and tomorrow).  Of the other 10, I’ll have to be in the office at least 6 of them, possibly 7, but that still leaves 3-4 completely empty days for finalizing the paper and the presentation.  I’m going to finish…I’m confident of that now.  I just don’t know quite how well.

I made some good progress last night and felt like I had some momentum going into today.  I’ll work on it some more tonight, and probably have some time during class as well while the professor is spending time individually with us to talk about what may or may not be going well, etc. and how it’s shaping up.

Home stretch.  And a stretch it will be, but it won’t break me.  I’ve had some gains in perspective this week, and I know God will sustain me through it all, and I can remember that what I’m doing at home and at work is more valuable than whether I get an A on the final.

Prayers are still appreciated, and in 15 days we can rejoice together…a task 27 years in the making finally complete after three false starts.

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