Poor Procrastinated Progress

So readers know (and those who know me off the blog know even better) there’s a lot of life in my life these days.  As I mentioned Monday I had a bust for progress on Saturday.  And then I have had very little progress so far this week…when I wanted to go into class with a decent draft tomorrow.  I got up early today and made some good progress for the first time in a while and I’m hoping to go at it like gangbusters tonight.

For those who aren’t following me on twitter or FB or who haven’t seen all the news, here’s a summary of my distractions from school right now:

  • We bought a house.  We’ve been looking for three years on and off, for something a little bigger.  We found something in the summer that looked good and then the contract fell through and we finally closed last week on a house that we hope to move in to right after I finish school.  But right now it’s a distraction because it’s keeping my wife busy with the last details to prepare to move…and there are some projects there that need to be finished before we can move (like painting, etc.)
  • Our van got wrecked.  More specifically, Moriah impaled it on a fire hydrant.  We have a borrowed vehicle from friends currently (a HUGE blessing) but we found out yesterday that the van is totaled…and so now we add finding a replacement vehicle to our list of things to do.
  • My wife has been fighting off something for months.  We don’t know what it is, which makes it worse.  She’s been a little better the last week or two, but she’s had a rough time of things for a couple of months which adds more strain to the family not to mention the doctors visits and medical bills.  The bills will be shared by our Samaritan family, but that still adds “one more thing” to our list of things to handle.
  • I had to make a trip to Memphis for the Morning Center.  A great trip, but it would have been better if I could time it after school and I couldn’t.
  • Work is crazy busy right now with a lot of issues coming up that involve my attention and time.

There’s a lot more, but you can see that I have plenty to distract me while I have a looming (16 days) deadline for my exam.  I am confident that I can get it done and pass.  I’d like to do better than that, but we’ll have to see.

Prayers continue to be appreciated.  Feel free to visit me at the Bradley library tonight between 7 and midnight.

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