Progress and Momentum (19 days left)

Tuesday last week I finally got some momentum going for the capstone project.  I woke up at 4AM (courtesy of Clara, who turns 5 right before I finish school) and decided to just get up and start working on the project and hit a groove.  Then, despite having a three night, two day trip to Memphis, the momentum allowed me to find some time in between meetings to continue to progress while traveling.

My progress plans for last week still required me to have an extremely productive Saturday.

Sadly, I did not.

Friday was our annual celebration of the Night of the Burning Plum.  Which required quite a bit of work on Friday and we stayed up far too late with friends and all of that deserves its own post.  But I woke up Saturday with all the momentum gone and feeling exhausted from the trip and the week and I couldn’t find my groove.  And therefore made very little progress.  And so I’m entering this week with about 30% of the progress I was hoping for from last week.

So it’ll have to improve.

Friday and Saturday I have class.  The final two full days of class, which is both happy and sad.  And we’ll have time in class to discuss progress with the key professor on the final exam and so I really want to go in to class with the bulk of the first draft done.  Which means I’ll have to make some serious progress this week.

Oh, and we’re getting ready to move.  Did I mention that?

I’m feeling like life is spiraling out of control at the moment and I’m having trouble finding bearings.  There are several parts of life screaming for attention and they can’t all have it.  And when my brain gets overwhelmed like that I want to shut down.  And give up.  And that’s what I have to push through this week and find my momentum again.

Sometimes stress is a motivator for me and sometimes it’s debilitating.  Finishing well means that it has to be the first of those.

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