A Second Chance

Several years ago, not long after it came out, I saw the Steve Taylor produced movie The Second Chance. It was right after my family and I had moved back into the city, into a neighborhood that many of my friends considered “not safe.”

It was not terribly long after seeing it that I began to get passionate about the Church ministering to the poor…and from there the ideas began to form that eventually became what is now the Morning Center.

On the plane on my way to Memphis last night I watched The Second Chance again. I wanted to remember, while I am here, trying to focus on the Morning Center rather than school for a bit, what our mission is. Why we do what we do and serve who we serve.

“Comfort is sinking sand. Safety is sinking sand.”

On Christ the solid rock I stand….all other ground is sinking sand.

Here’s a trailer for the movie…you should watch it.

and to whet your appetite, one of my favorite scenes:

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