People Amazing One Another…A Daily Occurrence at Samaritan

Samaritan Ministries’ members share in one another’s burdens in concrete, personal ways.  Here’s something from the Samaritan blog about a member’s special prayer need:

Brenda Leonard of Virginia had a burden when she joined Samaritan in 2013. Emergency gall bladder surgery in 2012 had left her and her husband, Jonah, with thousands of dollars owed to medical providers because they had no health insurance. The Leonards had been making payments to hospitals for the surgery and for a subsequent hospital stay due to a resulting infection. One of the major bills was paid off, but some others remained outstanding.After reading some letters from members who had been blessed by Special

Prayer Need gifts, Brenda called Samaritan in spring 2014 to see if she might be able to submit her leftover bills as an SPN. Due to the long winter, Jonah, a landscaper, was out of work and the Leonards were having trouble footing the remaining medical bills. The need was shared as an SPN in early summer, and the result “amazed” Brenda.

via Member’s burden quickly lifted as Special Prayer Need – Samaritan Ministries International.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?

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