26. Did They Start Going Faster?

26 days left.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, right?  There are many things that one can produce more of, but time isn’t one.  Not only can there be no more of it, but you can’t save it for later.  It just goes by.

So I’m going to keep plugging.  I had a fairly productive week last week, at least the second half, and I have a plan for the capstone.  I’m coming up short on my time estimates which means that I should have some of that extra pressure I need to keep my pressing on rather than feeling like I’m starting early.  It’s much too late to start early.

And because we’re always wanting to add craziness, we close on the new house today and I leave for Memphis tomorrow.  Yup.  That’s how I roll.  Really excited about the new house, of course, but kind of bummed that I’ll be too busy to help with any of the moving prep until I’m done with school.  Will that make it harder to hit our target move date?  Certainly, but we have the ability to adjust.

So my timeline for the writing of the project has me supposed to have two subsections done by end of day today and a full section (of 3) of the plan done by the end of the week.  So I’ll be up tonight and at the library all day Saturday.  And maybe most of Friday after my plane lands.  And even with that I’m thinking that unless I find some time to work on stuff while I’m in Memphis I’m not going to hit my goals for the end of the week.

It’s going to be a crazy 26 days.  3 of them are Sundays, thankfully and so I’ll get some rest in there…over the past 15 months I’ve been able to be consistent in keeping work and school out of the Sabbath and I’m thankful for that weekly recharge.

Too late to quit now, right?


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