30 days.

I began working on a timeline last night for the capstone project.  Not done with that but I have some outline parts in the works and I should enter the weekend with a plan for the four-week push.

I’ve been feeling under a lot of pressure of late with lots of little things adding up…mostly just not handling things well and trusting in God with the work I have, but it feels like a lot and I’ve been asking folks for prayer.  There’s certainly a lot going on: a broken van, people getting sick, a trip to Memphis, lots of day-to-day regular stuff, final details on a house we hope to close on soon, etc.

Yet 30 days from this moment my classmates will and I will be making our final presentations and turning in large documents with strategic plans.  It’s hard to believe in some ways I’ve made it this far, and it’s hard to grasp how much work I have with the final push.


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