I know it’s the fourth now…and you’d think that it would be old hat by now.

But November totally snuck up on me.  October flew by (I was out of the country for a big chunk of it…so there’s that) so quickly that when I got up Saturday and realized it was November 1st I was overwhelmed.

It’s kind of amazing how quickly a month can fly by…and that happens more and more as I get older.

32 days. Just a month.  That’s how much time until the capstone is due.  Not long after the month ends.  I’ve set as a goal to have it done by Thanksgiving weekend, giving me a week to refine and relax…but I am not sure I’ll make that happen.  Things keep popping up at work and at home that are making it hard for me to concentrate on this project.  I probably need to set a day or half day aside to just look at my data, the required outline, and make a plan for sections needing to be written and figured up so that I have a timeline that I can then ignore.  Or maybe this time the timeline will look so aggressive that the pressure will keep me on it.

Blogging may be sparse over the next month.  Or I may blog about non-school stuff just when I need to reboot my brain.  You’ll know as it happens.  I know I’m tired now and not sure if I’m fighting something off or what, but this is the final push.  One class, one assignment, one focus.  That’s it.  The last 15 months come down to this one.

Time for #conquercapstone.

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