Don’t Stick A Fork In Me

So I’m tired. I’m tired of going to school. I’m tired of all the things going on in my life. I have really good moments and really bad ones, and right now I’m feeling so little motivation to complete things.

I have two major assignments left. That’s it. Two.

I have a paper about IJM that is due in two days that I’m not done with (even though I really should be) and I have my comprehensive final exam (or the Capstone project, as we’ve been calling it). That is all I have left.

But I don’t want to do it anymore. I’m emotionally ready to shoot myself in the foot and give up.

What’s left is doable. Very doable. What’ I’ve done so far has prepared me for what’s left. At least that’s what I’m supposed to think.

Thankfully I have people around me, my wife especially, who won’t let me quit. I don’t know what it is about my personality that sometimes there’s nothing I am intimidated by and other times everything seems impossible.

This morning I am tired, pre-occupied, and discouraged. But I may very well be excited and enthusiastic by the end of the day. My moods and emotions swing that way…it’s part of being me. So when I’m feeling “down” I try not to let it fester and go on to the next thing. When I’m on a high I try not to let it breed over-confidence.

I’m not done yet, and I’m not giving up. Even if that’s tempting right now, there’s a next thing to do. And tonight I’ll be up late doing it.

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