Thankfulness for Normal

I’ve been home a week now.  I took my last malaria pill last night, in fact.  And now that I’m back I thought I should post a list of the things I’m thankful I got to return to (including those things I won’t miss about India).

  • I’m thankful to be sleeping in the same bed with my wife.  The last seven nights have been more comfortable and restful for having her with me.  I miss her so much when we’re apart…we are truly soul mates.
  • I’m thankful for the little thing of being able to wash my toothbrush and rinse my mouth with tap water after brushing my teeth.  Bottled water only over there…it was too dangerous to have water or ice there.
  • I’m thankful that the drivers pretty much stay in their lanes here and obey most of the traffic laws.
  • I’m thankful for fall…it’s hot all winter in Chennai and it’s been a lovely cool week since I’ve been back.
  • I’m thankful for toddlers, cute ones mind you, messing things up in the house.  I missed them.
  • I’m thankful to be back at work…and working for something important.
  • I’m thankful for beef.  Yum.  Steak, burgers, italian beef…I like it all.  And there’s none of that in India and I’m glad to have it now that I’m back.

I want to go back to India someday…possibly soon (though with my wife).  But I love home and I’m thankful for the conveniences and pleasures it offers.

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