House Update

I mentioned late last month that we had found a house.  Things are progressing nicely so far.  We have bank approval.  We have the down payment ready. The slow-moving part is the seller…it’s a Freddie Mac repo and so there are ducks to line up.  We’re told we’ll be able to close by mid-November which is fine since we really can’t move until I’m done with school.  We have a crazy plan (subject to change) to try to move the weekend between school ending and graduation, December 13th.  We have the budget for both mortgages, though, so if we need to push that back we can.

We love the house.  It is not in our target location (Peoria, south of War Memorial drive, preferably south of Nebraska Ave.) but we’ve dealt with that.  We really needed the space.  Other than location, this house had everything on our “wish list”:  over 3000 sq. ft., master bathroom, at least 6 usable bedrooms, mostly hardwood floors, updated kitchen that my wife likes, pantry, enough usable non-bedrooms to have a formal dining room and a music room in addition to a living room, under $175,000.

But it’s in a nice, north Peoria neighborhood, with a walk-out basement overlooking two acres of ravine property.  It’s nice, but not our urban living sweet spot.

Don’t get me wrong, it still has some of what we like about living in the city:  things are close.  We’ll be closer than we are now to a Kroger, a Big Lots (my wife’s favorite), our bank, and my workplace (just a few minutes shorter commute).  We’ll be pretty close to the best Indian restaurant in Peoria (which I’m excited about…I loved the food over there) and there is a lot that we like about what’s out there in north Peoria.  It’ll be further from church, which we’re not excited about, but not so far that it’ll be a burden to get there.

house arial screenshotIt’s got a little work we need to do before moving in, including some new flooring in the master bedroom (carpet + dust mite allergies are a bad mix) and we’ll have to move from an electric dryer to gas, but the house has a beautiful amount of living space and bedroom space while feeling more connected than our current house (4 of the bedrooms are on main floor, including the master, and the stairs to the basement are central making everything feel closer while more than doubling our space).

So needless to say we’re excited.  And here’s a satellite pic of the roof captured via google maps on my phone.  🙂

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