Back in the Saddle

So today I head back to the office for the first time since the first of the month. That’s the longest I’ve been out of the office consecutively in maybe ever. I’ve checked email here and there while on the trip and since coming home, but mostly I’m just coming in to a bunch of work. I’m feeling disconnected but ready to hit the ground running and get caught up quickly.

I don’t have class this week, but I have assignments to finish up for Global Issues that are due next Thursday. It’ll be another 3-days-of-class week, finishing the week with only 3 more days of class. And the third one barely counts as a class day since it’s a half day and is all capstone presentations and a final pep talk. I think I should be able to have my paper done for the individual project by the end of the week and start jumping in on the capstone with fervor. Only 47 days left…and that project is a monster. A fun one, mind you, but huge.

I think my body is back on central time now, too. I’ve been sleeping better and getting less tired until evening. I haven’t had any major challenges to my coherency level yet, mind you, so today will be the first real test as to how well I can function in real day-to-day events after my return. I got up early today and feel rested…more than I have since leaving for India.  I was even able to get my contacts in and have some time to write this morning.

I’m going to be tired in the afternoons for a while, I’m sure, but maybe not.  This is a new experience for me.  But I’m very glad to be home and to be getting back to work and to entering the familiar “routine” again as we run these last seven weeks of school.

Onward and upward!  Time to #conquermonday.

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