Still Adjusting…

So it’s Saturday and I’ve been back in the U.S. for two full days now and three nights. I slept “better” last night but I’m still not back in the swing of things yet. I got up at a fairly reasonable hour today and hopefully this is the last phase of acclimation back to “normal”.

I’m going to be posting more about India (with more pictures) as I work on my paper and presentation for the Global Issues class and hope to have a few more guest posts from after the trip.  I expect to be back to the usual posting schedule now and so the daily posts are probably gone for now.

I survived the trip, and it was an enriching and rewarding experience.  I already stopped in the Indian grocer near our new house to check it out and I’m going to be looking for ways to keep the memories present.  I’m still processing quite a bit of what I saw, and the paper for my individual project will help with that.

And now it’s really time to gear up for a strong finish.  My capstone project is due seven weeks from today.  49 days.  It’s going to be an intense finish, and thankfully it’s a work related project and I’ll be able to put a lot of time at the office into it.  The timer is ticking, though, and I need to be on top of it every week.

Thanks for sharing in this experience with me.  The home stretch is here and the 428 days since I started school have to pay off now.

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