Got My Day Back

So while this post come on line this lovely Wednesday morning, back in the usual time slot, I’m somewhat disconnected.

At 5:30AM IST (India Standard Time) “this morning” my plan left Chennai, India, completing a 10 day visit. That was at 7pm Tuesday night if you’re in Central Daylight time, where I’ll be tonight.  In fact, as this posts on line I should be on a plane in London that is about to take off to cross the Atlantic to bring me home.  Or at least as far as Chicago.

When I left I lost part of a day by changing time zones in flight.  Today I get those hours “back.”  And tonight I’ll be fighting jet-lag again but this time while in the company of my beautiful wife.

I don’t know if I’ll have a post up again for a couple of days, but assuming all goes well with these two flights tomorrow I’ll be home with my family and tonight I’ll be enjoying being reunited with my wife.

India was wonderful.  I’m very glad that I was able to go.

And now I’m thankful and joyful and excited to be on the way home.

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