Student Exchange Day

Day 10. Today we went out to the Great Lakes institute of Management to meet with an EMBA-like class here in India. We sat in on a marketing class and then had lunch with the students and faculty.

After lunch we hung out with hosts from the students. They had all received bios for each of us and were given an oopportunity to choose to host us for the afternoon. I had been tapped by Suresh, a software architect with Verizon Data services. The two of us ended up teaming up with my friend Holly from Graham Health and “her” student, Kurthikeyan who works for General Electric.

We had quite the good time.

The four of us drove for a while (Great Lakes is way out of town) we stopped by the St. Thomas cathedral and tomb. It was beautiful. Assuming the story is correct, it’s kind of amazing to me to think that Thomas made it all the way to Chennai from Israel in the first century.

After that we went to the beach where we got pictures of the Bay of Bengal and relaxed and had a snack of vegetables. Vegetables are various fried veggies, much like w’ed do in the states but with a very different batter. I loved the deep fried chiles…will definitely try those again.

We then walked around the Kapaleeshwarar Hindu temple (both of our hosts are Hindu) and then did a little shopping before we headed back to our hotel for dinner on the roof.

It was great to get to know Suresh and spend time with him. This particular exercise did as much to broaden my horizons as anything we’ve done here in country. I could wax eloquent about the day for a long time, but we were able to get to know each other quite well in the time we had but I really need to get some rest.

Interesting things I saw today:

  1. We passed several houses on the way to Great Lakes that had grass roofs. In particular I noticed one that was a shop that specialized in some kind of concrete work. I hadn’t noticed any of these before today.
  2. I saw the oldest catholic cathedral in Asia. It was a beautiful work of architecture and is almost 500 years old.
  3. I went to a shop that sold a ton of copper statues and Indian rugs, including some handmade by people in the Himalayas. I didn’t buy either, but the craftsman ship and beauty in the work was evident.

I’d love to write more, but I think my body has figured out what sleep is and is asking for more of it.

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