Poppying Home from Tirupur

Today feels long enough that it’s hard for me to believe it wasn’t two separate days.

We got in last night late, as I mentioned yesterday, and it took little bit to wind down. Partly because the hotel was not so nice.

Throughout the trip I have striven to have realistic and low expectations. Thus far that has mostly served me well. But Poppy’s hotel in Tirupur was so far below my expectation level that it gets the special award for the trip. And it appears from talking to my classmates that our room was among the better rooms. Which wasn’t saying much.

So I got just a little more sleep than I got on the train and was up and having a small breakfast before we headed off to make our presentation at the Tirupur Exporters Association. It went well and was well received, and there should be pictures over at the Bradley site of the event but I’m not going to try to put any in tonight.

After the presentation we went shopping at a cut rate clothing store where I was able to (assuming I was right on size conversion) get something for each of the children. It was fun to try to pick things out for them, but I was tired and warm by the time we got done. Then we went back to Poppy’s and checked out and put on street clothes and started for the airport, about 90 minutes away.

On the way we got a flat tire. Kind of funny, when you think about it. Thankfully the weather wasn’t awful at the moment so we weren’t too uncomfortable out in the heat while the tire got changed. We were in two shuttles in Tirupur but both pulled over while the tire was changed. And our bus driver was the cool one who played loud music for us while we were riding along.

We still made our flight, got back to Chennai, and were able to grab a stirfry at our favorite place in the basement of the Raintree here. It felt like coming home after the rough experience with the train and the hotel and the tire and all that. And now I’m exhausted and need sleep.

My three interesting things for today:

  1. At breakfast we tried dosa…kind of a giant fried crepe. It was delicious…and was good with chutney.
  2. I saw three people on a moped that I’m confident has an engine designed to carry one person. Not that strange after being here a week, actually, but I hadn’t mentioned it any of the other times. While I’m on the topic, motorcycles (or bikes as we call them in India) are ubiquitous here. Which means that every block looks like it has a biker bar on it…biker bars being the only place you’ll usually see that many motorcycles in one place in the states.
  3. I watched part of the cricket match between India and the West Indies while we were at the airport. Every time I watch cricket I get a little more understanding of it, and Raj explained a few more things to me while we watched today. I also ate French fries in the airport, and they were full of salty goodness, but that’s only interesting to my stomach.

There were other interesting things today, I’m sure, but I was not in observation mode at all. Maybe after some sleep tonight I’ll be better. But for now…good night.

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