Easy Day (with Travel)

Today was a slower paced day. I got more sleep last night than I’ve gotten so far on the trip…my longest night was shy of 4 hours and last night I was able to get over 8. I’m confident I’ll get more than 6 tonight as well.

Our school meeting today was with a representative of KPMG, a major accounting and consulting firm with offices worldwide including India. Nadhi, who has been with them a little while, was conversant on tax and political issues here in India and was a joy to speak with about varying issues that are facing India and the roadblocks both politically and culturally to lasting change.

We then had to check out of our rooms at the Royal Plaza and had some time to grab lunch there before our bus ride to the Delhi Airport as we said good-bye to the capital city. We flew on Indian Air to Chennai and landed about 8pm local here (that’s 10:30am at home) and took a bus to the Raintree at St. Mary’s, our hotel for 5 of the next six nights (we have a one night trip to Tirupur).

Wifi here will be more reliable, for which I’m thankful, and I got to video chat with some of the family before turning in for the night. I am extremely happy about having more reliable internet for most of the next six days.

Just that visit (which was at our hotel) and the flight today…a slow-paced day. Tomorrow I’m either resting or going to Hindustan Bible Institute (I haven’t gotten a confirmed time for them) for part of my individual project.

My three interesting things from today:

  1. When we got off the plane in Chennai we had to show a boarding pass to get out of the secure area. We also had to have our bags scanned again before we got out. It was weirdly redundant.
  2. The airline had a baggage weight limit per passenger of 20kg. More than one bag is fine, but the limit was on weight. And the overage charges were pretty high, IMO. Over 200,000 Rupees for our group. (about 57 Rs/USD)
  3. The Delhi airport has a two level ramp system for plane boarding and de-planing. When you board the plane you’re in the terminal with all the shops, but when we left last weekend we came out on a completely different level. No mixing of arriving and departing passengers.

Tomorrow will be a good day, and I’m glad to be settled here, though I’m not terribly excited that on Friday I’ll have to check out of the hotel and leave most of my stuff here while we go to Tirupur and then come back. I know it’s silly to pay for a room when we’re leaving it empty, but I like order and settling in, and it’ll make the trip harder since I have to pack and unpack an additional time. I may just leave my big suitcase untouched if I can get away with it or just get what I need out of it.

Off to sleep! Almost halfway through the trip now…time is flying by. A week from this moment I’ll be over the Atlantic and only a few hours from landing in Chicago and seeing Theresa.

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