Safely in India

So it’s 230am in New Delhi and I’m finally turning in for bed. It’s still 4pm yesterday at home which is weird but fun.

I’m still planning to go to church in the morning which means I’ll get less of Han 5 hours of sleep. But I think that will help with the jet lag.

It was a good experience flying, but now I’ve been up (except for some tiny dozing on the plane) for over 30 hours straight.

The hotel wifi is not what I was expecting so I’m typing this on my iPad mini which is not as nice to write on as my MacBook. Hopefully I can figure a better solution or uploading pictures will be difficult.

Briefly a couple of fun things from the arrival and trip:

* the driving here is like Boston meets Africa meets London. There are lanes painted in lines on the road but they’re treated as more suggestions than rules.
* we were greeted with flower necklaces (like a Hawaian Lei) and fresh mango juice on arrival. Kind of fun, right? (unless you’re allergic to mangos like my wife)
* even at midnight when we left airport it was hot and crowded. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Good night world. Need sleep badly. #Bradleyuindia2014

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