A Lost Day (Or Half of One at Least)

So right now you’re reading this, and if it’s right after it’s posted it’s about 10AM Saturday in Illinois.

And at that same moment I’m in the air somewhere over eastern Europe and in Delhi, where I’ll sleep tonight, it’s 8:30pm.

Flying east means that time just “disappears.”  When I land it’ll be late…11:30pm in New Delhi.  But only 1pm where most of my readers are in Central Daylight Time.  Which is kind of weird.  It’s weird enough when talking to folks in other time zones in the U.S.A. but this is huge.

10 1/2 hours ahead of my home time zone.  I’ve been joking with people here that if you send me an email next week you’ll be sending it into the future and I’ll be able to read it hours before you write it.

There’s a novel idea in there somewhere, right?  Not likely one I’d write, but maybe?

Anyway, I’m flying over Eastern Europe or Asia someplace, and maybe I’ll post pictures later…I scored a window seat on the second leg since it’ll be daylight for a good part of the journey and maybe I’ll get some neat pictures from 30,000 feet.

Starting tomorrow you should see daily posts around noonish that I’ll post about my day before I go to sleep.  Sunday I’m planning to attend worship at a local church in New Delhi and then we head to do some sight-seeing in Old Delhi.  The fun starts now!

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