I can barely believe it’s October already, let alone that I’m leaving the country, tomorrow.

By now you’ve already seen several pre-trip posts from a few of my classmates. It’s fun to see what different friends are anticipating and what they’re dreading, and what we have different and in common.

Somewhere in the last few days I started getting excited about going. I made my last Amazon order Monday night (Prime!) and had a few last-minute items come in on Wednesday before packing up this morning. I don’t fly out until tomorrow but Theresa and I are going to spend the night in Chicago and get a nice dinner out this evening and stay up there together before she takes me to the airport.

I’ve never been away this long from her since we’ve been married. Our longest time apart was four nights…and this is going to be twelve. That is what I’m dreading the most, and praying that Skype and Google Hangouts will work for us to have for video chatting.

I’m also a tiny bit nervous about having a roommate for ten nights. Doug and I get along great in class, and I really like him, but I’m worried that some of my idiosyncracies will get more than a tad annoying by the time we’re done with the trip. Hopefully we’re still friends at the end of it all.

I’m really excited about trying new things. I wish TC could be along with me, but I’m going to throw myself into the trip with gusto, and experience everything reasonable. I’m particularly excited about worshiping there with the saints on the two Sundays.

I’m excited about trying the food there. I love Indian food, and it’ll be even better being authentic. I want to ride an elephant, take a selfie outside the Taj Mahal (for my daughters…. #tajmahalselfie on Instagram).

I’m also really excited about meeting people who “aren’t from around here.” I’ve visited many parts of the United States, and while there are differences from north to south and east to west, it isn’t as stark as the differences between me and folks I’ve met from overseas. And meeting them on their home turf will be a revealing and enriching experience.

And I’m excited about coming home with gifts. There are a few things I’m on the lookout for (like a pearl necklace for TC) and the prices there for clothing are much lower and so I’ll be able to come home with something fun for all of the children.

It’s going to whiz on by…and if you stay tuned here at Changing Horses you’ll be able to read up (albeit a day delayed) on what fun things happen over there in India.

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