India Fast Approaching

So it’s October now. Friday my classmates and I will all fly through various international airports and we will see each other Sunday for the first time in weeks…in New Delhi.

I’m going to be posting more often on the trip, and I’m planning to post in “live” rather than scheduling posts like I usually do. That way if I post before bed each evening, you’ll be able to read about the exploits of the same day early afternoon if you’re in my home time zone.  So if you’re checking the blog for posts, and you’re used to finding something by 10:00am Central, think 2pm (when it will be just after midnight in India).

Today there will be multiple posts (which I’m not sure I’ve ever done) but the others will be pre-trip posts from classmates that I want to have on the blog before we leave the states.  I’m trying to paint a “before” picture for you as you read so that when we all write posts after the trip you’ll get a glimpse of what expectations were and weren’t met, and how life-changing the experience has been.  I may even get some classmates to write some posts mid-trip with me, so stay tuned here (and there may be posting at the Bradley University blog, but I’m not sure…will post links when I have them) for lots of fun as we enjoy this trip.

I’ve moved from nervous to excited to emotional to all three, and now the hours are counting down quickly when it used to be days.  6pm Friday my plane leaves O’Hare and things won’t be the same after that.

Stay tuned!

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