Counting Down in Anticipation (India Guest Post #3)

(Editor’s note:  This is the third in the series of pre-trip posts from classmates as we prepare to head to India, from my friend Leslie.  You can find posts 1 and 2 here and here.)

The countdown is on. I am so excited I am going to India. School has been a journey for me. I have learned so much and made great friends who I get to spend time exploring India with. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Over the last few weeks I have been prepping to go: hep A injection, typhoid injection, flu shot, antibiotics, antimalarial meds are done or ready to go. Traveling internationally is a lot of work. Although, I will say I think I started packing two weeks ago just out of excitement. I do fear being away from family for this long. Thank goodness for FaceTime and technology….now I will get to see there smiling faces everyday. It will be hard to be away but I know that the adventures I have, all that I learn, and the personal connections I make will be great to share with them and others. And after India, I am closing the trip out by visiting Dubai…..Shopping, architectures beautiful beaches, and a desert safari. Once in a lifetime experiences! I am so blessed that I get this opportunity to travel.

Stay tuned. More stories will be shared by me and my classmates.



Leslie Johnson is the Director of Lean / Six Sigma and Strategic Planning for Graham Health System in Canton, IL.  

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