A Heated Opportunity (India Guest Post #2)

(Editor’s Note:  This is the second guest post on our India trip, written by my friend Allison.  You can find the first one here.) 

We spent the greater part of late 2013 speculating where we would go on our international trip. Given my knowledge of prior cohort trips, I assumed it would be between China or India – neither of which appealed to me. My professional experience with both countries had left me frustrated and put-off by the idea of international business in general – not the most progressive stance.

In February we learned we would soon be in the warm embrace of India. The excitement from my friends in class was palpable. I was apprehensive, to say the least.

Time marched on and none of the desired blunders which would have barred me from going occurred, so I decided to accept the inevitable – I wanted that degree, right? That is when things began to change…

The positives of this trip were astounding! I was going to see a part of the world that is changing global business. Indian culture has had a profound impact in so many areas throughout history and I was going to experience that first- hand. I would see things that most people only see in books or via Google Images. Most importantly, I was going to spend the better part of two weeks with an amazing group of people.

Sharing this experience with my cohort will be the most cherished opportunity of this entire trip. My classmates are like extended family and if I have to go across the world without my husband and son – this group would be my next choice.

So get ready EMBA Cohort 2014 – It’s going to be “I’m not kidding you hot!”

allison for blog

Allison Sours is the General Manager for IDC Technical Services, a specialty engineering firm in Germantown Hills.  Allison is a native of central IL and lives in Pekin with her husband and Spiderman infatuated hockey-playing son.

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